The End of There – Live Blog

March 9, 2010

It’s 10:45 in the morning of March 10th, 2010. The day after There. I’ll be reposting this article with a “director’s commentary” track in the near future. For a (slightly)  more coherent article about There’s closing and its impact on the avatars that used to reside in it, I’d like to this article by Rick Slick (aka Blue Nose).

There was an inspiring world. Thanks for the memories.


Update: March 14, 2010, added the pictures I took.

9:50 – Getting ready to log into There for the last time.

9:55 – I’ve been archiving the maps of the islands yesterday and today. Somewhat of a vain attempt at keeping a little piece of the world for myself. I’m not quite sure if I managed to capture them all. Unfortunately, it seems like I’ve run out of time.

10:00 – Logged in. Falling from “space”. This is how I used to get my bearings before they implemented a proper map. I should point out that I will be adding pictures and further explaining things at a later date. Also, I’m not really editing myself, so get ready for some shit spelling. I’ll fix it later.

10:05 – Taking pictures of “Boneland”, my humble little PAZ. I haven’t been in There for a long time and have long since sold my stuff. Still there are a few things I want to take pictures of. If SL were to close, what stuff would you archive for posterity?

10:10 – Sehra’s here. She’s using my alt I made when Coca Cola first partnered with There. Free voice, baby!

10:15 – Gonna go to the “big drain”.

10:16 – Forgot you can’t pass around landmarks in There. D’oh!

10:20 – Chagall to the rescue. At the drain. Taking pics.

10:25 – Heading to the Astrology Pavilion. Then going to drive to another island to the chicken temple. Old school.

10:30 – Heading NW to the temple. This is hard. I’m not a great multitasker.  WOOHOO! Just ran over a bot! Niiiiiiice.

10:35 – Heading inside the Templo Del Pollo. Maybe the great chicken can save There? (as I was writing this, it sounded like someone was stealing my car.)

10:40 – I’ve abandoned Sehra. Visiting Zephyr. It’s a lot more civilized then it was back in the day. Maybe the avatars are all repenting?

10:45 – Hoverboarding. Or trying to. Running into a bunch of shit that people have left out and that hasn’t rezzed yet.

10:50 – Showing Sehra the north pole. She likes it!

10:55 – Falling from space again. This time with Sehra. Break time for me.

11:00 – Back from my afk break. Still falling. Going to run and grab some outfit shots and a shot of my bike before it goes away. Think I’ll head to G0D’s cloud for that.

11:05 – Found G0D. Took my hoverboat/hot air balloon to see her.

11:10 – Getting a summons. Man, so many old faces. People are drinking out of their Beta Mugs. I sold mine ages ago (along with my dachshund, Ein, for some spare cash.)

11:15 – Going to go hang out with some pals.

11:20 – Got sidetracked with my bike. (Sehra is sleeping in my ear too. lol)

11:25 – Got a message from There, saying they were closing for the last time… Mood is somber. Very somber.

11:30 – I was trying to decide where to spend my last moments. I didn’t think I’d want to be with other people. But, I dunno, feels right. My There family complaining about lag and theorizing who’s going to pull the plug.

11:35 – My old friend, CC, gave me a spare beta mug. Thanks.

11:40 – Bleh.

11:45 – People are talking about using the infamous backdoor to get back in after the boot us all off. Probably won’t work. Still trying to decide where I want to “go out.”

11:50 – This is actually kinda creepy and morbid.

11:55 – 5 minutes left…

11:58 – Screen went black as someone said “Thanks everyone, for everything.” Appropriate.

12:00 – That’s it… it’s over. Thanks everyone. And thanks, There for being an awesome home away from home.




5 Responses to “The End of There – Live Blog”

  1. Awww! I’m feeling so sad and I was never even in There!

  2. Evan said

    Nice job, Boner. Thanks for coming to spend the end with us. In honor, one final There emote.


  3. Jazz said


    You know Boner I still had all those shirts you gave me when you made clothes in There. They still looked damn good too. I was so shy back then and I remember meeting you and was like “omg its a famous designer” lol.

  4. Stacey said

    This was heart breaking for some reason. I hate endings and goodbyes.

  5. Debarge said

    Excellent post, but a frustrating read, due to the lack of proper punctuation in a great deal of spots. Please close your quotations! If this write-up is following some sort of nouveau grammatical style, of which I’m not aware, I remain frustrated; nonetheless, I apologize.

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