I meant to blog on Sunday. Instead I played Half-Life.

September 29, 2009


It’s never a good sign when you start blogging about blogging. Obviously, there hasn’t been much going on on this site recently. In fact, I’m really only writing this to get in at least one post in September. Lame. Yesterday I plurked, asking for topics to blog about. There were some good ones. I’m posting the (mostly) complete list here. For my own reference and perhaps helping you out next time you’re struggling to find a topic.

  • SL weddings from a man’s perspective.
  • How to develop a satisfying social life in SL.
  • How to win night club contests in SL.
  • Home decor for men.
  • Sex in SL.
  • Being different people/avatars/characters in different games.
  • How to get ready to go to a SL party.
  • SL party etiquette.
  • What you get out of fashion blogging vs regular blogging.
  • How much easier or harder you have found having a fashion blog.
  • What do you do if you forget to wear pants.

I couldn’t do them justice right now, though. Need to get warmed up. Think of a couple of good zingers. Cultivate some lulz.

You may have noticed the two topics that involve fashion blogging. That’s because I have a fashion blog now: FashBang. It’s a joint project that Sehra and I are working on. It’s mostly women’s fashion, but occasionally I’ll throw some men’s fashion or a weird but cool avatar.

Okay, I feel better. Expect more blogging soon.


One Response to “I meant to blog on Sunday. Instead I played Half-Life.”

  1. silver milneaux said

    haha omg amazing topics!

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