Why Chickens?

August 10, 2009

I get it. I get the appeal of the whole SionChicken phenomenon when it comes to function. But I don’t get when it comes to the form.

Let’s face it they look like they are Playdough molded to resemble (loosely) chickens. They are ugly. I mean, if poultry had their own version of WTFug (probably be called WTBa-CAW!), they’d be plastered all over it. (I really should have put a picture of an actually SionChicken in this post, but then I’d totally be killing all potential giant cock jokes.)

As a whole, the SL community continues to gravitate towards the mundane when the fantastic is slightly to the right of it (my right, not yours). Why chickens? Is there a gene that gives people a deep-rooted desire to be chicken farmers that I simply lack?

And what really blows my mind is that Sion’s followup to the chickens is… corn! CORN!

I’d like to propose a list of animals I’d actually want to farm:


5 Responses to “Why Chickens?”

  1. When in doubt *always* err on the side of the cock joke.

  2. Ha! Wilson…that would be great!

  3. Bone, mate, I like your list, but I’ve already had the next brilliant idea that will supercede chickens.


    Picture it now, lots of mini-dinos running around the place. So cute. And for food? Well, I’ve thought of that too. I’m talking little tiny humans. That fun around screaming as the dinos hunt them down to eat them.

    It’s win win.

    All I need now is someone to make my ideas reality.

  4. Bugger. The little tiny humans will *run* around, of course. They won’t *fun* around.

    Damn typos.

  5. I couldn’t agree more, sion chickens do not look awsum in the least. They’re really basic-looking, like no thought went into the design of their form at all. Much cuter chickens are the LOLO ones and the ones made by Tuber Potato. I’m sure there are more good SL chickens, but last time I went on an SL chicken reconnaissance mission, I ended up on a tour of the Gor sims and got distracted by the tarns. However, judging from all the chicken raising equipment on finds on the Gor sims (this observation is pre-sion, btw), the Goreans are really into their poultry.

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