Meet Kate

July 14, 2009


I’ve been a dirty, dirty cheater. My mistress is Kate and I’ve been spending a lot of my play time with her in the Capital Wastelands when I could be in Second Life.

It seems that there has been a lot of games lately that have cut into my SL time lately. First it was The Sims 3, followed closely by Spore: Galactic Adventures, and finally Fallout 3 was on sale for 50% a couple of weekends ago. And ever since, Fallout has grasped its irradiated hands around me and held on tight.

The truth is, I’ve dealing with some not-so-pleasant RL issues and when I have some me-time to escape, I’ve been finding that SL has required much more work to immerse myself as opposed to the more directed experience of a game like Fallout. This is also why my blogging has significantly petered out lately, as well.

Instead of blogging about my adventures in the Capital Wastelands (like how I began to sympathize with the Tenpenny Tower Residence which resulted in the murder, execution style, of some hapless Ghouls,) I’ve decided to remain in a blogging hiatus. At least until I’m feeling like being the happy, fun blogger isn’t too far from the truth.

But I’m not gone. I still log into SL almost daily (even if it’s only for 5 minutes) and am an active lurker on plurk. I still read your blogs (mostly) and I’ve got Sehra to inform me of the latest goings-on that I may be missing, otherwise.

Speaking of Sehra. Obviously, since I’m not in SL much, we’ve taken up communicating via Yahoo and Skype. I figured out how to stream computer screen as a webcam and so a few nights ago we got to play Fallout 3 together. Well, I played while she laughed at the dialogue options and commented on how fun it was to nuke the town of Megaton. It was kinda fun.


5 Responses to “Meet Kate”

  1. Jazz said

    “I figured out how to stream computer screen as a webcam..”

    If you could post how to do that I’d love you forever. ❤

  2. Natasha Burke said

    I was wondering what happen to you bone. *hugs*

    *grabs Jazz and hugs her too* 🙂

  3. The Jewnas Brothers said

    I need Fallout

  4. I really wonder the reasons why you labeled this particular post, “Meet Kate Boned”.

    No matter what I personally appreciated it!Many thanks-Aleisha

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