Tour: Artsy Skybox

June 6, 2009

Sehra and I just finished doing the interior of our the Artsy Skybox (we need a better name) and I wanted to share. Because a) it was a surprising amount of work and b) it turned out brilliantly.

The skybox itself is from YumYum.


The furniture is the White La Scala set from Abiss (including the chandelier), the mirror frame and books are from The Loft, and the mirror itself and the Alice stencil were created by yours truly.


The bathtub was purchased at Pestique. I liked the shape but the colours didn’t match so I re-textured it. I also added the “baked” shadow.


It’s hard to see, but the sphere on the table is from Kunstkammer. I believe I paid 20L$ for it. The vendor randomly gives you one several different stone textures. And it dings, glows and sparkles when clicked. Throw in another “baked” shadow and it becomes one of my favorite little decorations.

I’ll be sure to share the other boxes in another post.


3 Responses to “Tour: Artsy Skybox”

  1. Sharine said

    Looks really good!

  2. Wonderful looking skybox, an interior space beautifully done!

  3. silver milneaux said

    gosh, wow. and lolll at the five skyboxes!

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