This is getting out of hand… (Updated)

June 4, 2009

Thanks to Nikki (*glares*) we now have a fifth skybox. I keep meaning to do another photo tour but at this rate I’ll run out of virtual film before I can finish.


And we have waterfront property!

UPDATE: How one skybox turned into five four.

So, we have this great little — well, medium sized house on the beach. We consider this “home”. The main skybox was installed for simulated privacy purposes. This is where we log into and generally spend most of our time. And it’s much more fluid in it’s interior decor then we let the house be.

We then got the plot of land next to ours and doubled our prims, because we were running out. We built Skull Island and did all the stuff we wanted to in the house and skybox — and still had a crap ton of prims left. So, I suggested that Sehra make a girly skybox — one where she didn’t have to worry about my ego so much.

Originally I had a green screen built on the roof of the main skybox to take pictures. Unfortunately, I kept on having light from below bleed through and ruin some shots. So, the studio skybox was created. We also call it the “porn studio” and I consider it the unofficial “manly skybox”. It’s mostly empty with a green screen taking up half the box.

The artsy skybox was originally only temporarily rezzed by Sehra. But I saw it and loved the textures so much that I asked her to keep it out. You can see what we’ve done with it in the following post.

Then someone gave us chickens and Sehra built the chicken skybox. We are, again, short on prims, so it got taken down and the only surviving chicken is living in the studio, apparently.

So that’s how we came to have five skyboxes at one point.


4 Responses to “This is getting out of hand… (Updated)”

  1. Laleeta said

    Hey if you ever want to donate one to me feel free. Just saying :p !

  2. LOL! hey, you still don’t have a manly skybox! haha

  3. Xeriko said

    Erm… and why you have so many skyboxes? Don’t you have a waterfront plot? Hell, I’d even put a tent on the ground.

  4. too funny.. you will get empathy from Winter on the skybox situation, we have waterfront too, and yet I still gaze lovingly at new skyboxes. Before I even get in a store which has some he is typing no no no no…LOL I’ve reduced now to my “studio” box which fits my photography junk perfectly, but with more prims.. Im sure I could sneak another in…

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