The Birth of Bone

May 7, 2009

In preparation for a new non-SL blog, decided to delete my old one. But before I did, I wanted to make sure I grabbed all the stuff I really wanted to keep. I stumbled upon the following post relating the first few hours of Bone’s existence. Thought it was worth sharing — even though, it’s horribly written. A blast from the past
What do you get when…

…you give thousands of people the ability to shape the world around them? Second Life.

Sounds like a cheesy marketing line right? Well, yah. It does. But! It’s true and the result are, well, let’s say interesting.

Recently I made a SL account through the CSI promotional site. The CSI area is actually kind of cool, but it’s a controlled environment and the really interesting stuff is out there, in the wilds.

Once I finished with my CSI training I headed out to an Irish bar. There I immediately started hearing whispers… from the whiskey. Just like in real life! I shot the shit with a couple of gents for awhile. On my left was a bearded man with tiny head. One my right, an anthropomorphic fox in a cowboy hat.

From there, I went to a steampunk themed island where I was hit on by a gay anthropomorphic rabbit who looked like he was tripping on E. Soon after a woman appeared. She asked if I liked girls? I said I did. She told me she was an escort. I asked if she would accept jokes as payment since I didn’t have any money at the time (also wasn’t terribly interested in soliciting a virtual prostitute.) She said no and flew off with the psychedelic rabbit.

This all happened within the first three hours of my avatar’s, Bone Mosten, existence.


One Response to “The Birth of Bone”

  1. adricantfarm said


    From that slow start to the guy we’ve come to know and love as our bone in a dress.

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