Fashion is Not a Lot of Things, Including a Lifestyle

May 2, 2009

Of course it actually is a lifestyle in Second Life, we know that’st true. Avatars exist with the sole purpose of jumping online, grabbing some newly released items, dressing up, taking pics and blogging the outfit. And that’s a perfectly acceptable way to virtually live.

fashion-blogImage stolen from Sai Pennell (who’s way hotter without my headed pasted on, FYI.)

I want to talk a bit about fashion. Lately I’ve been rocking the female alt. Participating in hunts, computer crushing sales, and general fashion shenanigans that don’t quite exist for the male avatars out there. I’ve learned one thing in the past few weeks of walking around with mammary glands. I suck at women’s fashion.

And I’m cool with that. I’m a guy. I haven’t had years of practice of wearing women’s clothes — Despite the evidence found on this very blog. But the problem is the more I try and fail to successfully dress my virtual tranny, the more I doubt my fashion sense in general.

Someone plurked about about (ir)regular guy a few days ago. Ignoring the tinge of jealousy of seeing a bunch of women drooling over him (hello, 2008’s hottest male avatar over here, lookit me, lookit me!), I can confidently say, “yep, this dude has style.” But I what I can’t seem to wrap my head around is why.

So back in Bonerella land, I decided to get some one on one fashion consulting. The idea being, if I have someone helping dress me, I’ll learn through the process. First of all, I finally get fat packs. “Do you have that in X colour?” came up more then once. And I shamefully had to admit that I only bought one colour because I thought I was saving money.

I digress. So, I’m getting told to try this item with that item, and I decide to take the initiative (bad idea, Boner) and put on a silver bracelet. It was sparkly,  and pretty. My primitive man brain beamed with pride. Nope. Having only one silver item is a nono. Damn. Oh well, at least I have a rule I can follow. A couple of outfits later, I was told to put on a sole silver bracelet. “But!” I protested, “What about the one silver item rule?” (Insert feeling of smugness here.) Well, apparently that doesn’t apply when putting together a black/grey outfit. (Insert long exacerbated sigh here.)

My fashion consultant pointed me towards Uma’s Style Diary as an example of someone with a great fashion sense — which I have to agree (but again, a little iffy on the why.) So, being a little bit frustrated with the process at this point, I figured I’d find something I like from her blog and copy it. This is when I learned what fashion blogs are not. Recipe books. I know! Here I was thinking fashionistas were blogging looks specifically for people to go out and emulate. I mean, they append their posts with a handy little shopping list AND slurls!

ANYways. You’d think, being one of my longer and more rambly posts, there’d be a point at the end. A lesson learned. Some wisdom I could pass on to you, my readers. Something. Nope, nope. I’m afraid not.

(I’m a frayed knot. Hehe.)


Viva la Buttcrack!


5 Responses to “Fashion is Not a Lot of Things, Including a Lifestyle”

  1. Gogo said

    Some blogs are like recipe books you could follow though – hair, eyes, skin, outfit, shoes.. done. You’re guaranteed an outfit that is coordinated, but there are so many other little details that make or break an avatar, such as fitting your prim lashes perfectly! 😀

  2. Gahum Riptide said

    Well, as Gogo says, some blogs, you can use like a recipe book, but unless your style really is like that person’s style it’s hard to look right in the outfits the wear. I use fashion blogs more as a way to find ingredients for my own style than to find a recipe to emulate what they wear exactly :).

  3. Laleeta said

    You are supporting the buttcrack trend :O ? *looks for a pole to tie you on and burn you*

    I dunno about the whole fashion thing. Sometime I look at my avatar and think “What a mess!”. Those are usually the days I get complimented on my look…

    So yeah if you find the key to the mystery let me know :p

  4. *waves*
    I still read you, dear 2008’s hottest male avatar 😛

    And I love to go shopping for male items for my female avie and I also write a column with fashion tips for guys. So, if you want, IM me and I can pass some SLurls to you.

  5. Uma Ceawlin said

    Hi there and thanks for linking. First of all, I don’t agree with fashion blogs being like ‘recipe books’, or at least I’d like to think they’re not. When I first started to blog, the main reason was to have fun, doing something I love, show my appreciation for some designers and on a small run, help (to some degree) people see clothes with a different perspective, or not be afraid to mix and match or wear things in a different way. I try to be as eclectic as I can (because that’s how I am and my style is very much influenced by my mood)and I don’t always go for the ‘most recent release’ on the grid. Being able to re-create outfits or ‘recycle’ items is something I love to do (in both lives). However, being pointed to a blog that has nothing to do with male fashion is kind of funny and weird. There are awesome male bloggers out there where, ‘you’ could take some inspiration from. Copying a whole outfit is just too easy and what’s the purpose of it?..but then again, metaphorically speaking, some like to have fun in the kitchen and play with the ingredients others like the quick, easy result of a recipe book, because seriously (pfft) you can’t go wrong there right? 😉 lol.

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