MyBrute and Other Stupid Games

April 13, 2009

brutefight(Click the image to watch my brute kick the crap out of Daila‘s brute.)

Plurk is a strange beast. Trends spread faster then a zombie outbreak (the fast kind of zombies — not Romero’s shambling zombies). The latest trend seems to be MyBrute.

It sort of reminds me of a cross between an adorably cute Duels and MyMiniCity.

Do you have a MyBrute? Comment with a link.


10 Responses to “MyBrute and Other Stupid Games”

  1. ♥JellyBean♥ said

    Oh my gosh! I feel so sheepish! Baaaaaaa! I’m one of your pupils!

  2. Wrath said

    My brute has a perfect record and is undefeated – at losing. Not sure those are the experience points I want to be collecting, though, as my brute already seems experienced enough with losing and should really learn how to win once.

  3. TheGreatOne said

    All i have to say is if you want a powerful brute

    with a bear or a wolf.

    Pupil me

    Guarantee to get a bear or a wolf, sometimes both.

    If not , I’ll give you a brute with one. And I am

    still undefeated, try to beat me.

  4. Veranika said

    Try to register here and it is a great chance to create a real powerful character in the game..

  5. sentinel said try this to have a bear try this to have a panther

  6. brian320 said

    hey guys check the its a cool fun game
    the only stupid part there is that you can only fight 3 times
    per day 😦 wish that the admin will change it to 15 times
    per day or UNLIMITED!!

  7. 5A320 said

    guys!! i found something really cool and totally works!!
    heres the link http://5a320.mybrute.comn all you have to do is follow the steps!
    1.)go to the link above
    2.)create a character but make sure there is a number at least
    1 number
    3.)train your brute to 3
    4.)you will receive something awesome you will instantly be level 4 when your 3!!

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