Dog and Pony Show

April 7, 2009

Ex-elfin fashionista, Sai Pennel plurked this awesome photo (below) yesterday using the 3rd party Shadow Viewer client. I needed to try it for myself.


I followed the instructions to the best of my abilities (the Shadow Viewer.lnk in the program’s directory didn’t work) and booted her up. It was buggy, but not terrible. Glow seemed way more intense in this viewer then the official one, though. And alas, shadows would simply not show up on my machine (ATI Radeon 4670.)

So, I cautiously updated my graphics drivers in hopes that I too could enjoy some shadowy goodness. Still no luck.

And of course, by updating my drivers, the official client started to wig out on me. Randomly my avatar would explode into heap of flickering polygons. Fortunately, Sehra was around to walk me through my very first driver rollback.


The above picture was taken in our second skybox (yes, we live excessively), the “girly skybox”, which, as it turns out, isn’t all that girly. We’ve been having some issues with full bright furniture. So I’d like to submit this formal plea to all content creators:

If you insist on making your stuff full bright — even though it makes no sense having a glow-in-the-dark dresser — please, please turn on “modify” permissions so we can fix that shit.

Same goes for you, Mr. I-Add-Glow-To-Everything.


Daila and I putting on a dog and pony show.

She’s awesome like that.


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