Love Thursday: Skull Island

April 2, 2009


Don’t expect much in the way of me participating in “Love Thursdays” but since I kinda love it and it is Thursday…

Recently I decided to buy a boat to sail around the grid in — I’d end up calling her My Old Nemesis  — but I also wanted to moor her on our land. The problem: We were rapidly running out of prims.

Last weekend Sehra and I systematically walked around our property and evaluated the need for every object found there. This process was actually quite painless. It turns out we are both very accommodating, not at all stubborn, and share many of the same tastes. We managed to get our prims down enough that I could drop the boat and have just enough left over for Mason and Pica (the dog and cat, respectively.)

While the process was painless, as it turns, it was also unnecessary. Our wonderful neighbour, CeN, had decided she’d be giving up her little island oasis. And while we were sad to see her go, we were happy to have the opportunity to expand double our land.

Last night, Sehra and I got to work building our own little island oasis. I handled the landscaping (free sculpty rocks FTW) while Sehra took care of the shack and its interior. I think we did an exceptionally good job and it really is fun hanging out and working collaboratively.

I’ve decided to name the island “Skull Island”. Sehra may well veto this decision (since I haven’t told her yet.) But before she does, here’s 4 reasons why the name should stick:

  1. I’m a dude named Bone.
  2. I’m a dude named Bone living on an island named Bluebonnet.
  3. I’m a dude named Bone living on an island named Bluebonnet who is also a nerd.
  4. Giant monkeys fucking rule!

See y’all later for Bitter Tuesday.


2 Responses to “Love Thursday: Skull Island”

  1. aliciachenaux said

    Your new little area is REALLY great.

    And SL wouldn’t let me name the island Pink Sparkle Fluffy Rainbow Kitty Kisses…so feel lucky? :-p

  2. CeN said

    I’m SO happy for you guys, it looks great, and really it made no sense for me to be hogging up all those (mostly unused) prims and space.

    It reminds me of growing up my Dad had big room in the basement that my mom called “The man room” where he could do whatever he wanted for decorating and she didn’t complain LOL.

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