February 24, 2009

I had a random idea: Take a picture of myself wearing every t-shirt currently residing in my “T-Shirts (Jacket Layer)” folder and create one huge picture with the images. It worked out well since I have exactly 27 tees, forming a perfect grid of 3 columns and 9 rows.

The picture is rather large so I’m putting it in after the cut.



6 Responses to “T-Bone”

  1. Daila Holder said

    Hey it’s naked cowboys.

    I feel strangely dejected that I haven’t seen you personally wear all of those.

  2. I still think you are a little crazy.


  3. Thas a lotta t-shirts Bone. 🙂

  4. Wrath said

    …is jealous you have all your t-shirts in one easy to access folder. Otherwise, I’d totally turn this into a meme. 😉

    Also, I cannot believe you have 27 poses all so similar to each other – how do you keep track of those, as well??

  5. I’d bet money you had the title of the column before you had a topic. 😛 Very nice!

    • Wilma said

      Sono d'accordo con Luca, Black Mirror è assolutamente da vedere. Pure Dead Set non è male, nonostante la mia quasi avversione per gli zombies, però lì è il metaforone che conta. Vorrei segnalare una serie che si piazza a pari merito, se non imaanimtemedte sopra, a Breaking Bad: Boss, shakespeariana e per me la migliore dell'anno.

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