When SLopportunity Strikes

February 22, 2009


Sometimes SL’s lighting and your build’s “baked” lighting just mesh at the perfect time.

I’ve been super-productive today. Well, productive in SL, anyways. We won’t go into RL productivity just yet. And thanks to this picture, I’ve also blogged. The perfect day. SL day. SLay. (Damn, coining a new SL term is hard. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll come up with something at some point and I’ll be sure to SLog about it. SLog? No? Crap…)


4 Responses to “When SLopportunity Strikes”

  1. “Mine!”???

    Does Sehra know you’ve gone all ‘Caveman’ on us? I don’t think she’s gonna like the whole ‘dragging-by-the-hair’ thing … just kiddin’! =D

    Great picture, by the way!

  2. Bone said

    Well, Sehra has seen me systematical urinate in every corner of the house, marking my territory. So, I think she’s used to Neanderthal behavior by now.

    But, you’re right.

    Edited to make your comment irrelevant. Muhahaha!

  3. Why I oughta …

    Well played, sir … well played.

  4. I liked the original title much better, it said everything 😉

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