Wang Fanboyism

February 16, 2009


Often when I’m bored I’ll hit up the front page of Uncensored Xstreet and repeatedly click “get more” to see if anything interesting pops up.

Well, I was doing just that when I spotted a wang I hadn’t seen before. I clicked. It was nothing special, just standard unit. But there was a review. It read something like: I bought this for my boyfriend, we both agree that this is the best looking wang in SL.

Really? Really? Well, missy, you obviously haven’t seen my Brand X wang or else you wouldn’t make such preposterous statements. Either that or you’re stupid. Or blind. Or stupid and blind. And you’re probably ugly too. Here’s a list of why Brand X is better then that piece of crap.

  1. It’s awesome.
  2. I’m awesome and therefor what I say is true.
  3. It talks.
  4. You’re stupid.

Now please do us all a favour and turn the internet off.



2 Responses to “Wang Fanboyism”

  1. Bettye said

    *falls down laughing*

  2. Tate said

    Bone’s blog…never disappoints…lmao…

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