Ctrl-Shift-H Challenge: The New Tetra

January 2, 2009

As seen on Meara‘s blog (see her post for instructions.)

I’ve written posts about my gallery (Tetra) and my skybox before. Well, they are no longer in existence. I had been meaning to take down the gallery and build myself a better skybox for a long time now. I just couldn’t justify having the gallery taking up my prims any longer. No one visited. I never changed the few pieces that I had displayed there. But most importantly, I spent all my time in the sky.

I had grand plans. I was going to build a really kickass skybox. It was going to be awesome. Perfect.

I have no patience.

I tried, but fuck, building is hard and tedious. And once I had built it, it would have been followed by more hard and tedious texturing work.

Then this prefab, the Redondo House by Double O Studio caught my eye. I’m a sucker for architecturally interesting buildings and natural materials, so I just had to have it.


It came with a 32×32 m megaprim platform, so I figured I’d do my crap computer a favour and leave it in the sky where my original box had once existed.

The tree and the swing is from LostDog Designs.


Front entrance: I stumbled on Euphemisms while doing a Halloween hunt on Tully. The picture doesn’t really do it justice, but the “cracked” bench is pure win.


Front hall: A good place to display my stupidly big painting.


Back hall: I really like how the charcoal drawings play with the stone tile floor and wood panel wall.


The living room from outside.


Corner office: The house comes with blinds that lower. I hardly ever have them down but it can look pretty neat from the inside when they are. the chair and table are from Le Boudoir (love the rich textures) and the “Certificate of Awesomeness” is one of the many stupid things I’ve made over the past year.


The Living Room: Some canvases I’ve made with pictures taken by Mia and Sehra. Some TV I got off XStreet (it works well). Cushions and couch are from MudHoney and the rug is from .Soho.


The corner of the living room: Han Solo in Carbonite from XStreet and peacock vases from Euphemisms.


Other corner of the living room:  I’m a proud member of the Church of Daila. This is my little worshiping spot.


Bedroom: Pretty sparse, but I don’t have many prims to work with. The bed is from Instinct (free from the cross-grid “ghost hunt”), the chair is from Le Boudoir, the rug from Nat Home Center, and the art is another one of my mediocre pieces.


Bedroom far wall: Just a picture of me and Sehra, the 100 Avatar picture and a dresser from Corn (another ghost hunt freebie.)



Deck outside the bedroom: I got this outdoor shower from Nautilina. My neighbours are glad I decided to keep my place in the sky.


Deck: And finally my massage lounger thing from MudHoney.

And this is my home.


6 Responses to “Ctrl-Shift-H Challenge: The New Tetra”

  1. That’s a gorgeous house, Bone! Definitely very unusual and unique. Love the spaciousness and the quirky little touches you’ve added. And stop putting your art down, dude!

  2. love the architecture. see, if I could build like that maybe I’d go into the prefab market. really nice house.

  3. Meara Deschanel said

    Sehra showed me a picture of your skybox and ever since then I’ve wanted to get a more in-depth look at it. I love the openess of it. You did a really nice job Bone!

  4. Very nice, bone! You should have a house warming party or just a party. 😉

  5. sweet box! you have now provoked my procrastinating tolerance of my own boring one in the sky, and must now find something more “crack” worthy!!

  6. Alex said

    Yeah, that is really nice. Now I have the itch.

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