Look what I made!

January 1, 2009


Recently my RL (and occasional SL) friend and I had resurrected a game we used to play in university. We called it “Dice” but it’s also known as “10,000” and in SL as “Greedy Greedy”.

With scripting help from QueenKellee, I managed to build and script this very simple dice rack. If you click the “dice” (the boxes with the roman numerals) a number between 1 and 6 will be displayed above it and in chat it will say “<dice number>: <roller’s name> rolled a <number>.” If you click the base of the dice, they change colours (to indicate which dice you are going to “hold”) and if you say “dice reset” in chat, the floating numbers get erased. I know it’s pretty simple as far as scripting goes, but I’m not exactly a scripting type of guy, so I’m pretty proud of myself.

I’m looking to upgrade it at some point. I’d like it to give you a blue menu that will distribute a) my house rules for “Dice”, b) the rules for Yahtzee plus a blank scorecard, and c) some sort of score keeping object so I don’t have to keep track of everyone’s points on paper when we play.

PS: Notice the “baked in” shadows. That took me an unreasonable amount of time to accomplish. So ooooh and aaaaah. Oooooh damnit!


5 Responses to “Look what I made!”

  1. There is already a version of this game in SL, with board and everything – I played it once with GoSpeed and other friends. It was new to me, though. Your board is a lot prettier 😉

  2. ooooh” aaaah! Yay Bone!

  3. Laleeta said

    Oooooooh :O

  4. Beolas Whitfield said

    ohhhh. ahhhhhh!!!!! nice work. it is always a good moment to see the creativity of people. a good start in 2009, i think :).

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