“Mosten is kinda funny” -Jane Wells, CNBC.com

December 16, 2008

Bone Promotes Himself

If winning the People’s Choice Award for NWN‘s Hottest Male Avatar of 2008 contest wasn’t bizarre enough of an experience, it seems that CNBC.com has picked up on this story and posted about it on their Funny Business blog to bring it to whole new levels of weird. The post also includes some reader responses to a previous post about some KFC workers who got fired for bathing in the restaurant’s sink. Awesome.

I made this billboard awhile ago. Thought it was funny. But I’m thinking I may now need to revise it with, oh, you know, non-made up quotes. Starting with this one from CNBC.com and, of course, the one from Sarah the Kajira Robot.

In other news: I wrote an article for the latest issue of SecondStyle Magazine. And I have done a shoot for Role Magazine with the talented James Schwarz (not sure when this issue will come out, but do check out the first issue on the site, it’s quite good.) Ha! You guys are so going to be sick and tired of my smarmy face before the new year hits, I tell ya.

PS: Big grats to Myg and Alex for getting partnered last night. (Did this really happen? How did I completely miss this fact had I not read Chestnut’s blog this morning? Wow, I’ve been way to preoccupied with myself lately.)


3 Responses to ““Mosten is kinda funny” -Jane Wells, CNBC.com”

  1. I giggled at that comment. Personally I think you are very funny. Now all I need is for my mom to find the article and I can say “Yeah I know him”. She seems to find every article on Second Life and always starts the convo with “I was reading about that game you play”.

  2. Alex said

    I’m trying to decide if Wells was damning you, her readers, or all of us with that faint praise. (And thanks for the shoutout.)

  3. Yeah, I told you that you were all “famous-face” now. Even CNBC recognizes that you are full of awesome. (Well, at least full of “kinda funny.”)

    /me snickers.

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