Take that, universe!

December 11, 2008

bonesehraHow hot are we?


11 Responses to “Take that, universe!”

  1. Laleeta said

    Me thinks Sehra is hotter…

  2. Meara D said

    I think I am going to die from all the cuteness overload. Grats you two. 😉

  3. Bone said

    /me agrees with Laleeta.

  4. Hooo! It’s hot in here! love it, you two!

  5. Can I answer that in two parts?


  6. QueenKellee Kuu said

    super hot!

    look closely, you’re both pursing your lips in the cutest way….awwwwwww

    sorry, i mean hot, not cute. HOT!

    (Sehra can be cute. don’t boys hate being cute?)

  7. Joshua Walsh said

    She doesn’t even look like an avatar! It’s scary how real avs are looking these days (at least the ones people spend some time and thought on).

    Still too many disgustingly overmuscled guys, though.

  8. Alex said

    Bone 2, Universe O.

  9. Evan said

    Holy shit! Boner, you are on CNBC’s website!


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