Nobody told me I was supposed to wear a scarf!

November 25, 2008


I haven’t blogged in awhile. And I’m actually really forcing myself to blog right this minute. It’s RL stress blah blah blah. Oh! Quirk #4: Bone doesn’t always deal with stress very well.

So guess what I am? I’m one of the top 10 hottest fucking male avatars of 2008! Yah, that’s right. You heard me.

Like a good little pageant winner, I’d like to thank some people. First, my STer friends. They had suggested that I be nominated. I protested. They saw through me, knowing that I actually secretly did want to get nominated and ignored my protests. I also want to thank the Ch’Knowers/FFFMers/Clockworkers/Plurkers who pimped me during the semi-finals. And finally I’d like to thank Iris for seeing how awesome I truly am.

Meeting Iris in the pixel was great. I’m a big fan. What was even better was – when we were doing the shoot in my skybox – my RL friend was wandering around aimlessly in the background, having just signed up to SL.

I have some things to say about the experience of sharing my Second Life with a real life friend. I don’t quite feel up to it right now, so remind me later, okay? Okay.

For those of you finding this blog through New World Notes (sorry for this post, btw), I thought I’d highlight some of my favorite past posts so you don’t have to wade through the crap.

  1. Moth Ends it All – Bone’s tea is assaulted by a suicidal moth.
  2. OMG OMG I’m so pretty! – Bone wears a dress.
  3. I Need More Guy Friends – Bone wears another dress.
  4. Detachable Wangs – Bone reviews some SL junk.
  5. The Last Damn Time – Bone wears a dress for the “last damn time”.
  6. Be Awesome Like Bone Part 1: Clubs – Bone tells you how to be awesome.
  7. “Boned is the best blog ever.” -Sarah, the Kajira Robot – Bone has a conversation with a bot.
  8. Quirk #1 – Bone talks about his fear of hills and cyclopes.
  9. Some Players have had Sex with Animals – Bone increases his search engine hits from people googling “sex with animals”.
  10. Nobody told me I was supposed to wear a scarf! – Bone brags about being one of 2008’s hottest male avatar and lists ten posts you should really only read if you don’t value your time.

Photo credit goes to Iris Ophelia.


11 Responses to “Nobody told me I was supposed to wear a scarf!”

  1. *roams off laughing* (thanks)

  2. Raul Crimson said

    Tsk..tsk..tsk.. No scarf… what a shame 😉
    BTW.. congrats, hottie buddy.

  3. Laleeta said

    Woot congrats I always knew you would win! You forgot to thanks your parents without whom you wouldn’t be here, after all who would have drove the limo to the awards ceremony?

    And yeah no scarves? Major fashion Faux Pax mon ami!

  4. elusyve said

    /me digs thru her slaundry basket for a scarf not that no no

    I admit..I found your blog thru nwn, but I am quite glad I did, as you DO amuse this elf! So much so, ooh blogroll addage!!

    Congrats on your beauty school dropout win!

  5. Jazz said

    Can I have you autograph Mr. Mosten? 😛

  6. Miang Quan said

    Yay Bone! Of course you’d get in there, you rock! ( and you’re way cuter than all those doods anyway, just sayin’ XD! )

  7. Alex said

    Wrath Paine has a scarf.

  8. sothereforums said

    We told you! 😀

  9. I would like to unequivocally announce: the reason Bone was featured first is because he is *the* hottest and that the “random shuffling” is a farce…

  10. /me hopes next time you WILL wear a scarf! 😉

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