Quirk #3

November 20, 2008


Wow, has this meme overstayed its welcome or what?

The other day, for no apparent reason, I started replying to other people’s plurks by providing some false facts about my upbringing.

  1. Bone was raised on a peacock farm.
  2. Bone was raised by treasure hunters.
  3. Bone was raised at sea.

While none of these are true, one is actually loosely based on reality. I wasn’t technically raised at sea. However, ever since I was a baby, I have spent much of my time on the water.

When I tell people my family had a 24 foot sailing yacht, they think luxury – unless they too have spent time on a sailboat of that size. The truth is, the only thing luxurious about our boat was that the bathroom (ie nook with a hand pump operated toilet) had a curtain separating it from the rest of the cabin (ie the room that acts as the sleeping area, living space, kitchen and dinning area.)

Despite getting intimately familiar with my family’s bowel movements, I have some fond memories of being on that boat. I have witnessed firsthand many awe inspiring sites – from barely touched coastal landscape to having pod of porpoises swim with our boat. (This never lasted long, our boat was far too slow.)

The boat has been sold. I believe it may be down in California somewhere.

I thought about buying a nice boat in SL, painting it red, naming Nemesis. I never did, though. And with the Linden Lab’s decision to increase the price of OpenSpace Sims while decreasing prims, avatars, and script limits, I’m not sure I ever will.

Quirk #2: Bone always wears a PFD when on the water.


3 Responses to “Quirk #3”

  1. Alex said

    I have also spent much time on the water, though not on the west coast. Anytime you need backup, I’ll let people know just how cramped 24′ of sailboat really is. Heck, the last time Myg and I chartered something it was 32′ and, though it was pretty damn nice for two people, it was far from the lap of luxury, despite having a head with a solid door and a latch.

  2. Bone said

    32 feet is a nice size. My parents have since bought a 29 footer (conveniently years after my brother and I had stopped coming along on their yearly summer cruises) and that extra five feet makes a load of difference.

    However, the new boat is named Ambiance, which is far less badass then Nemesis. It’d almost be worth sacrificing the that extra berth for the cool factor of the name, in my image-obsessed opinion.

  3. berta said

    Haha, when I read “24 foot” I thought.. “Ugh…”

    My family had a Catalina 30 when I was growing up, and pretty much everything in this post mirrors my childhood, down to the hand pumping of family bowel movements. My younger sister conveniently remembers EVERY memory, and has had no qualms at all about sharing them with pretty much *anyone* who asks. I got her back in advance though, by throwing her barbie out the V-birth hatch in 1989 while harbored in Catalina. Serves her right.

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