5 Days of Fact and Fiction

November 12, 2008

I’m a big fan of Zoe Connolly, her blog and her many projects. I was incredibly happy to see that she had been randomly selected to post on my blog. I mean, wouldn’t you? So, without further adieu, Boned is proud present a guest post by Zoe Connolly.

zoeiconFirst of all, many thanks to Mr Bone Mosten for hosting this little diversion on his blog: Boned.

A week ago I was given a TPS Report without courtesy of a cover sheet. Ignoring this little oversight, I read further. In this case the acronym TPS stood for “The Post Switch” as in the SLBloggers Mix & Match Challenge.

My assignment: Write about my 5 days away from SL and any SL related social media. I was not to login or post anything to Twitter, Plurk, etc. This was definitely cruel and unusual punishment, deviously outlined and instigated by the infamous Botgirl Questi.

It was Sunday evening and my 5 days away from SL would begin after I logged off that night. I decided to make the most of it by having as much virtual sex with as many avatars as I could. Once several parcels were strewn with dozens of avatars with ambulatory issues, I logged off…dreaming of a new era for me in the real world. I’ve heard so much about it lately.

Day One: Worked RL Job. Read RL Blogs and various sites for US Election news. Dreamed about flying. Tormented my brother.

Day Two: Election Day. Voted. Went to work. Read more crap about the election.

Day Three: President-Elect Obama calls and asks if I would join his cabinet as Defense Secretary. Obama says he needs a diverse Cabinet and thinks a kick-ass virtual girl with guns who runs a virtual air force sends the right message of diversity and an alternative low-carbon footprint defense posture. I graciously accept as the first virtual world avatar to fill a Presidential Cabinet position. Huzzah!

Day Four: I get my affairs in order for relocation to Virginia and my new job at the Pentagon.

Day Five: Was very thankful for my week free from SL.

So there you have my week.

Huh? What?…. You don’t believe this happened?

Perhaps you’ll believe this one….

Day One: So far so good. Okay. I can get through this.

Day Two: Biting my nails. Irritable. Snapping at co-workers.

Day Three: Still irritable. Anger issues surface. After work I buy wine. I get home, watch TV, drink several glasses, and sob quietly at my keyboard.

Day Four: My hair is a mess today. No make-up. I’m all about the wine today. Can’t wait to get home.

Day Five: I call in sick (hungover). I stay in bed most of the day.

Hah! Well this didn’t happen either.

The truth of my 5 Day Experiment….

Days One Through Five: I was inworld everyday. I even thought of cheating and using an alt, but still… I popped inworld for at least 10 minutes as Zoe.

Truth is….

Although I spend far less time in SL as I once did, I would miss my friends if I was away too long, and 5 days is too long.


4 Responses to “5 Days of Fact and Fiction”

  1. That was so cute!! I couldn’t do it either, Zoe!

  2. The OS fiasco started at the beginning of your experiment, so timing-wise, you got screwed a bit Zoe. There was a lot going on. Your brother and I were about to start taking bets as to how soon you’d crack though…

  3. Marky Hawker said

    very cute, lady

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