Do Nekos Have More Fun?

November 6, 2008


The t-shirt I’m wearing in this picture was my lame attempt at a food-themed costume for last night’s Get Humped party. Not that the t-shirt is lame, it’s, infact, one of my favorite freebie/purchased tees I have in my inventory. It just happened to be the only food related piece of clothing I own.

Now if I was a better writer, I’d slyly transition from “Get Humped” DJ Alicia (who is blond – well, most of the time) to the cliche that “blonds have more fun” to the question, the purpose of this post, “in SL is it nekos that have more fun?”

My friend Mia did an informal experiment where she attended a popular hangout/shopping place, first as her usual “human” avatar, then again with the addition of cat bits. After the transition to neko, she reports that “the attention spent on [her] nearly doubled.” Interesting.

So what is it about nekos that attracts us men? Is it their fickleness, their ability to land on their feet, their love of tuna?

I must admit, due to my genetic predisposition to sneeze at anything with fur, I don’t have a whole lot to experience with cats (the exception being the ones that make me laugh out loud.) To me, cats have many qualities that I would find attractive in a woman. Cute and playful are two of the obvious ones, for example.

But does going neko make up for some of SL’s shortcomings? I associate cats with touch (as in petting) and movement (as in graceful). Both of these things are impossible or extremely difficult to achieve in SL. So perhaps if I spend time with a neko, I am able to get a sense of these things by simply being reminded of them.

Just a thought.


3 Responses to “Do Nekos Have More Fun?”

  1. Alex said

    “So perhaps if I spend time with a neko, I am able to get a sense of these things by simply being reminded of them.” Yep. I think that’s it. The brain is funny like that. It happens all the time in SL–in fact it’s that *thereness* of virtual worlds that makes them work so convincingly, the feeling that it’s more than a 3D chat room with extra features.

  2. ganymedes1985 said

    Thinks Nekos have loads more fun, but it’s a “different” sort of fun… or at least the nekos I know 😀
    Male nekos are a whole other story still…

  3. duh, of course they do!

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