Quirk #2

November 3, 2008

It starts with a sense. The sense of being watched. Then comes that sound. The sound of leaves rustling in the chestnut tree. It ends with the feeling of — Oh god, I can’t go on. The memories are too horrible.

I had to walk to high school for two weeks every year carrying a badminton racket.

Rather, I ran to school.

And I don’t play badminton.

At first I thought it was my coonskin cap, that had them mistaking me for a scavenging urban predator. But even when I dropped that unfortunate fashion statement, it continued.

I’ve learned to what areas to avoid. What streets are under their vigilant watch.

This is largely a process of trial and error so I’ve gotten used to their yearly strikes against me.

Quirk #2: Crows hate Bone.


One Response to “Quirk #2”

  1. Daila Holder said

    Crows hate Bone, but peacocks like Daila.

    And count me as very surprised to find out that crows hate Bone, incredibly, amazingly, outrageously surprised.

    (Did I mention I was shocked too?)

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