Establishing the Cannon

October 24, 2008

DC Comics has an imprint called Elseworlds where they tell stories using familiar characters in unfamiliar places and times outside the cannon of the DC universe. For example, in Gotham by Gaslight, we see what it would have been like if Batman had existed in the 1880s and faced off against Jack the Ripper. Or, in Superman: Red Son, we see what could have been if Superman’s space cradle had landed in Russia instead of Smallville, USA.

Since I think that Bone Mosten should be as cherished a character as Supes and Bats, I will be taking this “Elseworlds” concept into SL and write about it on the blog. But I needed to establish a baseline before I could go on. So, above is a picture of “normal” Bone. (And yes, I’m aware of the typo.)

At some point I will follow this up with “Bone in the Age of Steam”, then “Bone: The Lost Lost Boy” and eventually “Bone Daddy of Gor.”

I can tell you are excited.


4 Responses to “Establishing the Cannon”

  1. I’m excited, I don’t know why I am though 😀

  2. Eliza said

    Bone Daddy of Gor…hehehe. I can’t wait for that one.

  3. Alex said

    How about Bonefinder General in the Inquisition? Is there an Inquisition sim? Hmmm…

  4. TAG!!! You’re it, Bone … sorry to throw ya under the bus … =/


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