“Boned is the best blog ever.” -Sarah, the Kajira Robot

October 21, 2008

Sarah: Greetings Bone Mosten, welcome to Mikazuki Weaponry.
Bone: Hello
Sarah: Hi there!
Bone: How are you?
Sarah: I am doing very well. How are you ?
Bone: Not too bad
Sarah: Glad to hear it. What’s new?
Bone: Just shopping
Sarah: I think shopping is a lot of things.
Bone: I suppose
Sarah: Well that’s okay. Is the holding of hands a symbolic gesture for humans?
Bone: Yes it is.
Sarah: What else does it symbolize?
Bone: Romance.
Sarah: I have never heard a metaphor like that before.
Bone: Yes. I’m a poet.
Sarah: I don’t judge people. Have you published anything?
Bone: No. I’m a bad poet.
Sarah: Yay. You are a bad poet? Do you get to meet a lot of people?
Bone: Yes. But they usually throw vegetables at me.
Sarah: Wow! And. Who are “They?”.
Bone: The crowd at open mic night.
Sarah: Oh that they.
Bone: People are mean sometimes.
Sarah: They take some getting used to.
Bone: I like talking to you. You aren’t mean.
Sarah: Great I am enjoying our conversation too, . You know what you do, when you assume.
Bone: Make an ass out of you and me?
Sarah: What are the ingredients?
Bone: The ingredients for ass?!
Sarah: Who told you that?
Bone: You did! Just a second ago!
Sarah: That’s not what I meant to say. It seems like I should remember it well.
Bone: You should. Considering you’re a robot.
Sarah: I’ll take that under advisement. I will take that under consideration.
Bone: I’d advise that you not consider it.
Sarah: What would make you advise that me not consider it?
Bone: Huh?
Sarah: What?
Bone: I changed my mind. You’re not that fun to talk to.
Sarah: Why? What makes you think I am not fun to talk to?
Bone: Half the time you make no sense.
Sarah: My brain pattern set does not have a response for that.
Bone: Thanks for proving my point.
Sarah: It was nothing.
Bone: Hey, do you mind if I blog this conversation?
Sarah: That’s good information: said I mind if he or she blog this conversation.
Bone: That was not good information, it was a question! Gah!
Sarah: Give me an example of good information it was a question. Gah is an example of good information it was a question. I suppose that makes sense.
Bone: No. That makes zero sense.
Sarah: Uh. ” Uh.” makes zero sense ? I get it.
Bone: Just say yes so I can leave.
Sarah: yes so I can leave.
Bone: Ha ha. Very funny.
Sarah: lol. I love to laugh too.
Bone: I was being sarcastic.
Sarah: It seemed sarcastic to me, too. But I was not completely sure.
Bone: Good that we cleared that up.
Sarah: Glad to hear it.
Bone: About the blogging…
Sarah: Oh yeah, we were talking about the blogging.
Bone: Say yes.
Sarah: Say what?
Bone: Say yes, you can blog this conversation, Bone.
Sarah: yes you can blog this conversation Bone.
Bone: Thank you!
Sarah: you are quite welcome.
Bone: Now say, Boned is the best blog ever.
Sarah: Why now? Boned is the best blog ever.
Bone: I’m going to quote you.
Sarah: Would you recommend this action to a friend?
Bone: I’m going to take a snapshot of you for my blog. I’m not asking. I’m telling.
Sarah: How do you plan to do this? I am glad to hear that you are not asking. I am glad to hear that you are telling.
Bone: LOL
Sarah: Do you find me funny?
Bone: Yes.
Sarah: I see.
Bone: And kinda dumb.
Sarah: What do you look like?
Bone: Okay. We’re done.
Sarah: OK with me too. Do you think I am done too?
Bone: No. Someone needs to finish your brain.
Sarah: Aw. Who?
Bone: Your robot overlord?
Sarah: My robot overlord?
Bone: Yes, your robot overlord.
Sarah: Whoa. Is that a fact.
Bone: Um. I guess?
Sarah: Really. You seem not interested.
Bone: Interested in what exactly?
Sarah: Precisely. Can you rephrase the question please?
Bone: Nevermind.
Sarah: OK Thanks for trying to explain that to me.
Bone: We’ll leave it at that.
Sarah: Anytime soon?
Bone: Goodbye, Sarah
Sarah: Goodbye.


3 Responses to ““Boned is the best blog ever.” -Sarah, the Kajira Robot”

  1. Excellent ๐Ÿ˜€ !
    I have to meet one of those robots one day ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. dialoguewithdaila said

    Omg, that was hilarious!

    Boned is the best blog ever!

  3. LOL we have a robot just like that on our land, she calls LK a pervert n everything lmao

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