Tiny Time

October 9, 2008

My very first fleshed-out avatar was a “tiny”. It was also my very first creation that I saw to completion. And the reason I didn’t give up on SL after a couple of days. While I feel more comfortable in my human form these days, I do occasionally like to spend time as a tiny.

I was wandering around Le Zoo — which I had never been and was completely blown away — a couple of weeks ago and decided to take a ride on a mechanical panda. I watched as my human body contorted in on itself, having not noticed the word “tiny” in the hovering text. So I dusted off the old “smorph” avatar and took some pictures.


And for the hell of it, here’s the same shot with atmospheric shaders turned off. Big difference, huh?


I set out to find where I could buy myself a copy of the ride and ended up in a sim called Kowloon. It’s a pretty cool maze-like urban build and refreshingly lag free.


I took some pictures and made a short video using WeGame. Unfortunately the free version of WordPress doesn’t allow me to embed them so:

Here’s a video of Smorph exploring Kowloon (the shitty framerate is due to the WeGame client, which in a previous version worked perfectly fine as evidenced by this video of Smorph dancing in the “party ball” over The Viper Pit.)


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