Some Pictures From Tuesday (with Some Ramblings)

September 25, 2008

Sometime I wonder why I bother taking pictures at events that are attended by other bloggers. Inevitably someone else will post better ones before I get a chance to. I’m okay with it, though. Saves me the hassle of resizing and uploading. So if you want to see more from the event, let me direct you to this post on Alicia‘s blog.

I’ll share this one because I’m in it (and you can never have too many pictures of Bone.)


Have I said how much I like my shoes? And I like being a guy because it’s not some big faux pas to wear the same damn pair all the time. (They are from Tonic, FYI.)

The event was held at the Blue Element Lounge. Er, sorry the Blue Element ULTRA Lounge. It was cool seeing the gang dressed as trendy club hoppers instead of the usual bizarre costumes. Oh! And there was a stripper working the club. I mention this because…

After the event at BEUL ended, I went to Fracture to catch the end of Xaxoqual Mandlebrot’s set.


That place is awesomely weird.

Xaxo played a song from Dan Deacon’s Spiderman of the Rings album. If you want some bizarre music, you should look for this album. “Woody Woodpecker” is a song that literally makes me feel like I’m losing my mind while listening to it. And “Wham City” is, hands down, the best song to play Audiosurf to.

Right… Anyways!

It was funny how mundane the stripper “tugging her erect, pink nipples” at BEUL seemed after seeing the entertainment at Fracture:





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