Oh Thank God

September 23, 2008

I’m serious. No more pictures of Bone in a dress. That’s it. I’m done with it.

Sure, I’ll pop your lucky chair if “B” shows up. And I may even, in private, try on the dress. But I definitely, most certainly, will not be posting any more pictures of myself wearing dresses on the blog.

Well, maybe one more time…

No! Be strong, Bone. This is the right thing to do. And while you’re at it, you may want to cut back on the penis posts too. (Heh heh. “Penis posts”.)

Here’s a list of some of the blog topics that were preempted by my cross-dressing and wang obsession:

  1. How it’s hard to get into RPing in SL even though we all do it all the time. We aren’t actually dancing, you know.
  2. Why am I so stubborn about keeping my height the same even though I’m a freakin’ midget in SL terms. I just need to bite the bullet and join the land of giants.
  3. A guide to a topic that I’m not an expert on but will pretend I am so I can post a guide. With categories and lists!
  4. When the nicest compliment you can make about an avatar’s physical appearance is “I don’t find you completely hideous”, you know you’re on a bad date.

Actually. That list pretty much sums up all I had to say about those topics. Wow, Bone, that’s some high-efficiency blogging going on. Kudos.

Other business:

  1. I’ll be participating in Ali‘s “mini blogging challenge” but I will be a day late on all the topics. Bone is going to be late? Shocker, I know.
  2. Are you a dude? Or do you have a dude alt? Or maybe you’re involved with a dude? Then you should come check out Free Finds for Dudes Men.

4 Responses to “Oh Thank God”

  1. We are not dancing? *gasp*

  2. Jazz said

    Can’t wait to read about the RP thing. It’s been so hard for me to find a decent RP sim for my vampire stuff. Not every vamp is a goth bdsm kinda person. ya know. 😦

  3. Evan said

    “Not every vamp is a goth bdsm kinda person. ya know.”

    Well, shit!

  4. Maybe YOU aren’t dancing. I am.

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