Where the Hell is Bone?

September 10, 2008

Please excuse my lack of Second Life activity while I attempt to work through my 3+ year obsession with Spore. I will be back to regular posting, plurking and SLing once I have conquered the galaxy!


3 Responses to “Where the Hell is Bone?”

  1. I’m totally in the tribe stage right now. Working my way up to CONQUERING ALL.

  2. Bone said

    I got to the tribe stage, decided I didn’t like the name of the planet (I’m irrationally anal about that type of thing), deleted it and started again. Now the stupid thing crashes every time I transition from cell to creature. So I spent last night purging my downloaded content, figuring it was a corrupted file I had gotten.

    So I’m little behind. But I look forward to wiping your creatures off the face of the galaxy when I get there. *Muhahaha!*

  3. *coughs at the Spore nerds*

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