Detachable Wangs

September 7, 2008

There comes a time in every male avatar’s second life when he has to make a very important decision. “Do I continue on as glorified Ken doll or do I make the plunge and invest some lindens in shiny new appendage?”

But if the dude does decide to take the plunge, they’ll soon find themselves facing the impossible task of deciding what appendage best suits their needs. I mean, there are so many to choose from.

There are prim wangs, sculpty wangs, and tintable wangs. Animated wangs, double wangs, and wangs with HUDs. There are scripted wangs, interactive wangs, and wangs on leashes. Wangs that pee, wangs with bling, and wangs that talk. There are wangs that… Oh hell, there’s a lot of different wangs out there, okay?!

So what’s a guy to do? You read Boned, that’s what you do. I have selflessly scoured the grid and bought and tested hundreds of wangs and chosen the 5 best to share with you.

So, please join me after the break as I try to educate the confused and overwhelmed. Note that some pictures probably should be considered NSFW.

My First Peener
from Perky Gerky

The Power Tool
from Knotty Wood

from Can You Dig It?

Frank’s Furter
from The Sausage Factory

And my personal favorite…
The Constrictor
from B.O.A.


12 Responses to “Detachable Wangs”

  1. aisururieko said


  2. I’m suddenly forcibly reminded of the emperor’s new clothes…

  3. YAYS for the third leg!!! (Yep, that’s the one I’D go with =P) Too bad it was cold in that photo studio, eh? It’s a shame you don’t get the full effect from the picture …

  4. eva bonner said

    Geez Boner, what a disappointment I didn’t think you would weinie out.

  5. I’m with Eva on that one!

    • Deena said

      Cat de bine arata, cred ca a fost foarte buna, eu din pacate nu am ajuns la pomana poculuri anul acesta dar eh, poate la anul… oricum carnea de porc luata de la ai mei nu se compara cu nici o carne de pe piata đŸ˜‰

    • That my friend is a great point. Dare I say, can twitter help to usher in…. “Honest Marketing” ? Whole Foods does an incredible job I think. They are a great example to follow.

  6. Meara D said

    omg…lol. Thanks for taking one for the team there Bone!

  7. Brilliantly funny!! Kudos!!

  8. nice.. nipple rings.
    oh my god i can’t breathe.

    *falls over laughing after not being able to hold it in any longer*

  9. Bone said

    *covers his nipples with his hands and runs out of the room bawling*

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