I Need More Guy Friends

August 31, 2008


A guy friend who’d say “Dude! What the fuck?” when he found out I was stalking the lucky chair at Crimson Shadow.

A guy friend who’d bust out his M16 and use me as target practice as I attempted to fit the outfit to my body type.

A guy friend who’d wrestle me to the ground to actively discourage me from leaving to take pictures of myself in public.

I don’t have many guy friends.


10 Responses to “I Need More Guy Friends”

  1. aww Bone!! lmao *hugs*

    you don’t need guy friends you have cupcakes!!

  2. I seriously can’t

  3. OMG Bone you made my day!!!
    *goes off for her first day giggling*

  4. Bone said

    Oh cool! Another cupcake comment hat-trick!

    That hasn’t happened since the last time… I wore… A dress…

    Okay, I’m noticing a disturbing trend here.

  5. aisururieko said

    you so pretty.


  6. Jazz said

    Orrrrrr….how about a girlfriend that will say WTF dude!!! rofl!!! You do look hmm adorable but put your pants back on. πŸ˜›


  7. Bone said

    A girlfriend? What? Am I not doing a good enough job slowly emasculating myself?


  8. Dude what the fuck


    Good job, I often find myself in the same position haha. Touche!

  9. CeNedra said

    I can be your guy friend, I am the tallest πŸ™‚

  10. Alex said

    Looks like I showed up too late, man.

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