What Type of Blogger am I?

August 27, 2008

I am not an egomaniac despite what this 20 m x 20 m billboard I built implies.

Daila asks “why do we blog?” and lists 6 possible reasons. So what type of blogger am I? I’m not totally sure, to be honest.

1. They treat their blog as a way to document their life, virtual or otherwise. – The Journal Blogger

35% – While I do use the blog to document what I do in SL, a lot of what I write is either exaggerated or completely made up. Or I’ll do things simply to be able to blog about them later. And this all results in a mostly inaccurate portrayal of my experiences.

2. They blog about a specific topic to spread their knowledge and/or opinion. – The Listen to Me Blogger

0% – I think it’s fairly obvious that I have no idea what I’m talking about most of the time. In fact, the only knowledge I could possibly expect people to glean from this drivel is how to be a buffoon.

3. They blog to work out their own issues. – The Are You There Blog, It’s Me Margaret Blogger

5% – Not really my thing. But I have gotten a little emo in the past.

4. They blog because they like to write. – The I can’t get published, so I Blog Blogger.

40% – I blog because I like to think that I may be entertaining and I write about things that make me laugh. Whether anyone actually finds what I do amusing or entertaining (or even readable), I just don’t know.

5. They blog to establish a social connection. – The No One Else Understands Me Blogger.

15% – I’d be lying if I claimed that I wasn’t hoping to develop social connections through this blog. It’s one of the reasons I started it.

6. They blog because their friends blog. – I Want One Too Blogger

5% – I blog because some of the people I admire blog. It looked fun, what can I say?

There you have it. A mostly serious blog post about blogging.


One Response to “What Type of Blogger am I?”

  1. Latoya said

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