Miss Marlin, may I have this dance?

August 26, 2008

What a magical evening!

You see, I had heard the New Champagne Room was having their first anniversary ball tonight and I wanted to attend but I didn’t have anyone to go with!

So there I was, in my skybox, loading my supes into my aquarium when I came to Marlin Rouge. Bing! The light bulb went off. “Miss Marlin, would you like to attend the ball with me?” I asked nervously.

She nodded her fishy head, yes. Glee!

In a frenzy, I put on my nicest threads and TPed over to the “Room”. I believe we arrived just a little too late to be eligible for the best dressed couple contest or else I think we would have won for sure.

It was a brief but memorable evening. The New Champagne Room owners and staff were very gracious and open-minded in regards to inter-species dating.

So, thank you, ladies. Especially you, Miss Marlin.


One Response to “Miss Marlin, may I have this dance?”

  1. Bone said

    I forgot to mention what a catch my date was.

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