Get Humped Postmortem

August 22, 2008

I didn’t take any pictures at Tymm‘s rez-day/”get humped” party last night so here’s one of a tiny Boner at CeN‘s birthday/”get humped” party instead.

Since I can’t be bothered to form any sort of structured post right now, here are some random observations regarding the evening:

  • I always thought it was tym-MER-ie. The way it’s actually pronounced is way better.
  • The party was “off the hook” as the kids these days say.
  • I almost bailed early (even typed it out in local chat but never hit enter.) My computer was on the verge of crashing and the shear number of people there was a bit overwhelming.
  • I’m glad I didn’t or else I would have never learned about (NSFW. Hot chair on chair action contained within.)
  • I had this idea of collecting plywood cubes from SL’s more accomplished residents in lieu of autographs. With Hamlet there, last night would have been a good to time to put this plan in action.
  • I didn’t put any plan in action last night. Did you?
  • I have been to parties where there was at least one published author in attendance. This was the first time I was at party with an author who’s book I actually read.
  • It occurred to me that I just may be part of the SL blogosphere now. That’s kind of weird.



5 Responses to “Get Humped Postmortem”

  1. OMG that furniture porn cracked me up đŸ˜€

  2. dialoguewithdaila said

    You failed to mention the intense heart pounding moment when you met the linen covered table of your dreams, or is that a future blog post topic?

  3. Bone said

    As you predicted, the linen covered table (or “Linta” as I call her) ultimately rejected my advances and left me broken hearted.

    I didn’t mention it because the pain is still all too fresh in my mind. đŸ˜¦

  4. dialoguewithdaila said

    (I am secretly thrilled that I correctly interpreted Linta’s intentions, but instead of revealing my secret joy, I will pretend sympathy for your heart break.)

    Oh, Linta rejected your advances. That’s too bad! I am so sorry! You were way too good for her anyway. On the positive side, I have a dining room chair that may be just your type.

  5. Bone said

    Rebound furniture. Just what the doctor ordered.

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