The Mexican Tetra (or The Blind Cave Fish)

August 22, 2008

Years ago I was obsessed with the freshwater fish keeping hobby. I consumed information off the web, posted opinions on enthusiast forums, and spent hundreds of dollars on equipment.

My Moby-Dick, the fish I spent hours trying to track down, was the eyeless Mexican tetra (a species used as evidence by both scientists and creationists to support their opposing theories.)

I’ve been browsing Wikipedia lately trying to find interesting and familiar varieties of tetras that I can create and use as 7 Seas custom catches at Tetra. These guys will definitely be the SuperUltraRare fish only because I never did get my hands on them and all must suffer with me.

What I loved about fish keeping was meticulously designing the self-contained environments themselves. Tiny glass boxes that lived. And this obscure direction is where I think I will be taking Tetra over the next few months.

Let’s see if I can pull it off.


2 Responses to “The Mexican Tetra (or The Blind Cave Fish)”

  1. I STILL haven’t gotten the LOLcat fish. Now I have to go to Tetra and get your custom made fish too? Damn it.

    Oh well – just be prepared when Calista, Laleeta and I camp out at Tetra for a few days. Sorry for any damage in advance. I blame it on Laleeta.

  2. Hey I always clean up when I do damage!
    Well maybe there will be some cows left around but cows are cute right?

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