5 Things I’m Pretty Sure You Don’t Care About

August 15, 2008

This has been going around a few of the blogs I read. I figured, why not, right?

In RL:

1. I am 6 feet and I feel quite average.

2. I wear glasses and when my old frames finally broke, I sought out a new pair that looked as close as possible to the ones Bone wears in SL.

3. I am Canadian. So I often add a ‘U’ to words unnecessarily. As a result, peouple soumetimes doun’t understand what I am saying.

4. A semi-famous TV and movie actress once observed me as I worked to research a role she was playing.

5. If I had to pick one, I’d say I was more of a “cat person” then a “dog person” but due to allergies I have not been able to test this theory.

In SL:

1. Bone is 6 feet tall and he feels very short.

2. Bone has only been on one date in SL which was hilariously disasterous. Watch for a blog post about this later.

3. Bone makes all his spending L$s by selling goods in a different virtual world.

4. Bone’s name has nothing to do with male genitalia. He swears.

5. Bone started Second Life as a tiny.


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