PANIC (or The Post that Doesn’t Feature People Fishing at Tetra)

August 14, 2008

Another Wednesday. Another “Hump Day Party.”

This weeks theme: “Let’s Play Doctor.” I had seriously considered going as a patient for two reasons. One, these parties are often made up of large proportion of very attractive women (who would probably be wearing sexy nurse outfits). Two, relating to reason one, bow-chica-wow-wow.

In the end I found some pretty good scrubs at the last minute. It was probably a good thing since Dyami was seriously busted up and needed all the fake care that the fake doctors and nurses in attendance could provide.

When I got there, I turned on the music stream just in time to hear Alicia proclaim that my arrival signified that the party was over. Totally made my night! She was kidding , of course, and much fun was had for a good 45 minutes after my arrival.

SLebrities spotted: GoSpeed Racer and I heard that I had just missed the famous Crap Mariner. Of course, the usual cast of SLebrity misfits were there, including but not limited to: CeN, Meara, Cailin and the lovely Aisuru who kindly provided me with an onigokko attachment so I could participate in the chaos pictured above.


One Response to “PANIC (or The Post that Doesn’t Feature People Fishing at Tetra)”

  1. In a nut shell, that picture pretty much sums up the whole night. xD

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