Sunday Sunday Sunday

July 31, 2008

I was tooling around my land on Sunday afternoon when a group notice popped up that said that fellow STer Larissa was DJing at some UK club. So I went.

Being on the west coast and being a bit of a night owl, I’m used to people bailing for some Zs well before I’m even thinking of doing so myself. But there I was, sipping my early afternoon coffee and people were all like “Oh em gee! It’s soooo late. I’m going to need to use a torch to find my way back to my flat!” (They were British, get it?)

Good times. It was 70s and 80s music and someone handed out these giant spliffs to everyone and well… You know how when you go to matinée and once you leave your eyes need to adjust to the brightness and it feels way later then it actually is? That’s how I left that party. My internal clock, all messed up, trying to fight the urge scrounge around the kitchen and make a waffle and ice cream sandwich.


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